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     Thank you for stopping by the provider of effective web development. Just what is effective? That is a very good question.

     Effective according to the dictionary is: Producing a strong impression or response; striking. There are many ways that things can be effective, but in web development there only a few key ways. You have a very limited amount of time to capture a visitors attention and get them to stay on your site, and possibly order from you.

     First and foremost is graphical design. If you do not have an eye pleasing design, then you have already turned away a substantial number of possible customers. If your graphics are too large, gaudy, or just plain bad, people will not enjoy their stay, and be less likely to return to your site. If it hurts the eyes, it hurts your profits.

     Next up we have layout. Very few people are willing to be subjected to poor layout. Where they have to bounce around from one place to another when they just want one piece of information. It should be straight forward, and simple for the user to aquire any information they are looking for. You know exactly what I am talking about. Do not let it happen to your site. If it does not flow, it flops.

     Lastly, get your product(s) out there where the user can see them. Do not let your product just blend as part of the rest of the site. Get it to stand out, yet keep it flowing with your graphic design. Showcase what you are selling. If they cannot see it, they will not buy it.

     Did what you just read make sense? If it does, then you may be interested in seeing exactly what I can do for you. Check out the Services section and find out.

Were you just blown away, and think I am the best thing since sliced bread? If so, and you want to talk about how I can assist you with your site, just drop into the Contact area.